Working with your media agency should not be hard work. Junction 37 is the answer to a largely dysfunctional system. We are a partner for mission-led brands who are invested in growth and dare to be different.


Defy industry standards

We pride ourselves on not accepting industry benchmarks or standards - we hold ourselves accountable to our own standards and to our clients’ business before anything else. From success metrics to how we interact with our industry partners, we are constantly evolving and innovating how and what we do for our clients.

Real time in real life

Companies claim to be real time, yet still comply to two week optimization windows and cancellation policies that don't offer flexibility in today's fast-moving world. Being in our systems all the time allows us to constantly monitor and optimize our campaigns daily, and sometimes multiple times a day. Every dollar unoptimized is a dollar lost, so we have learned how to work around systems and algorithms to drive real-time ROIs to new highs.

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Start from scratch

When we first started, we had to use other buying partners to help us execute our work, but we found quickly that the ways in which we wanted to execute and optimize were so different to established conventions that it became impossible to work with them. The only way was to do it ourselves, across all channels and from ideation to execution, which literally meant starting from scratch - training new muscles and retraining unused ones. Our process provides young talent career development that they won't find anywhere else. It also helps industry veterans who have more traditional backgrounds learn and activate in our new digital world.

Total transparency & honest remuneration

We demand total cost and margin transparency from our partners so our clients get to see exactly what their media and data costs are. We allow our clients the same level of access to our systems that we do full visibility to our own company financials so that they see exactly what they pay for. This process of honest remuneration strengthens the client agency connection vs. stressing it. Being transparent means we have no place to hide, but it ultimately makes us better at what we do too.

Co-operation wins

There is too much emphasis on the word “proprietary" in the media industry. From tools & technology to planning and buying processes, there is very little that is truly proprietary other than your owned first party data. The perceived ownership of knowledge and independent P&Ls prevent real collaboration between partners. We’ve perfected a model that ensures we meet common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations of all parties which ultimately creates better work.